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Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Been A busy Week!

 I'm back.  It's been a very busy week.  My BFF from high school was here for a week of girl time and we certainly filled each and every day.  There was the Merrickville town-wide yard sale (more pics from that later), a spur of the moment trip to the dentist to repair a broken tooth, shopping and thrifting and even gardening.
In just a week, the world here has just exploded with life.  Leaves are open and the flowering trees are all abloom.  It's wonderful!

 As Denise left, it was time to  ready the house for yet another viewing.  The dogs know something is up.  Here is Odelia, longing for her fuzzy blanket and waiting for life to return to "normal."

After the viewing, the fuzzy blanket is returned and it is time to resume the far more important "couch time" with Aaron.
Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you moms out there.

1 comment:

Lady Linda said...

Hi Jennifer...sounds like a wonderful time! My friend is coming out May 17-29th! I will have to share her with her daughter this time as she has moved to Portland!
Thank you for your kind kind words, yes, I am blessed indeed!


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