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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bright Spring Morning

                                   I woke up this morning to all manner of lovely surprises.
                                                       The sun shone through the trees.

                                           The birds were already very busy with their day.

 And in my back yard was a family of wild turkeys!  I went out the front door, then tip-toed over to behind our "bird" tree but these timid birds knew I was watching and quietly gobbled their way to the back of the property.  I tried to get shots of the males all puffed up but that didn't work. In this shot they blend very well into their surroundings.
The trees are finally starting to show life again. And , dear friend Denise is on her way here for a week-long visit! I hope that today is full of lovely surprises for you too.


Lady Linda said...

Good morning Jennifer! Oh, I love wild turkeys. I was able to watch (and get very close) two wild turkey moms in Idaho once. They had all their little ones. They would strip off the seeds from the tall grass so the little ones could eat it. I have old time photos of it somewhere.
Enjoy your friend's visit!
I am glad spring has arrived in Canada.
We are expecting 80 + temps this weekend..ugh.
Love ya,

anita said...

Nice sunrise. And the turkeys...we have 9 that eat the bread and seeds I put out for the birds. Guess they qualify...You will miss your beautiful property if you ever sell.


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