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Friday, May 3, 2013

"Smash" Journal Circa 1885

 I recently got this wonderful Victorian scrap book from the 1880's.  The little calendar pages inside were a good clue to when it had been worked in.

 Inside it is a riot of colour on every page.  Whomever this belonged to, they sure loved their flowers!

 I included just a few to inspire you and to help you keep hold of your own goals in the garden, while we wait for that  pesky threat of frost to finally passed.

                                                       Each lithograph is most dramatic.

                               It kind of makes you want to go dig in the garden doesn't it?

Well, I think that's enough over the top colour for one day.  Now go add a little colour to your own world today.


Ronna said...

Love those Victorian scraps. A real find. Wow!

Jenny said...

Beautiful designs. On a cold January morning you will need to open your book and soak it all up.

Lady Linda said...

Oh Jennifer...it is exquisite! I am so amazed at the things you find. How delightful. The color is really beautiful.


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