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Monday, June 24, 2013

Stepping Back In Time

 A little while back, a friend dropped by for a day of visiting, thrifting and some lunch.  We began in Prescott and dropped into Marion's Children's Wear on King St.  It's been there forever and when entering it is like time has stood still.  (After a short search on-line I found that it was established in 1949. ) You can still find lovely children's clothing from the 70's hanging neatly on the racks.  Marion is a lovely woman to chat with and as a fixture in town she knows all the news.
I was smitten with the graphics on these boxes. Notice the original price of 98 cents?

                                   Inside, and still in good condition, diaper covers.

                                         Another great box, another diaper cover company.

 Not something you see today, mercury thermometers attached to floating tub toys for wee ones. These are still in their package.  Old store stock, indeed!

So, if you are passing through Prescott and want to meet a lovely lady and have your memory stirred, drop in to Marion's Children's Wear and say hello.  Oh, and the lovely store display stork is apparently already spoken for.  I asked.

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