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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Finds!

I'm sorry, I almost forgot I said I would share the Goodwill finds from a while back.  Here we go!
I always pick up these funky frames of seeds and beans as once empty they offer up such a lovely arrangement of spaces to fill.

Here we are just before it got wiped out.  All ready to go.  I have been visualizing what sort of theme I might follow for this piece.  Still not sure yet. I am pretty sure I am going to turn it on its end though, with the largest space at the bottom.  Don't you love that slanted bit?!

              This swan is a lovely piece of art pottery.  The ashtray is a great piece of rock.

                This sweet little figure is from Germany.  It reminds me of summers at the cottage.

 I picked up this funky torsion scale for Joshua.  He likes old tools and equipment.  It is dated 1978, which to me isn't actually that old.

 This exquisite planter has no markings but I could make out a few faint numbers on the bottom but nothing else.  The wonderful glaze is the same inside too. It's about eight inches tall.

 I grew up eating out of my grandmother's heavy melmac dishes.  Hers are Canadian and very thick and in deep rich colours and the bowls have neat little handles.  My boys all grew up eating from my grandmother's dishes too.  Joshua said he wanted some vintage melmac or himself to use when he left home and when I came across this whole set, with serving dishes or only $8, how could I leave them behind.  He loves the funky orange colour and triangular saucers.

 These are really sweet little children's hangers.  Perhaps I can find some vintage images to decoupage on the ones that are well worn.

 This wonderful wine rack was a buck.  Beside wine it would be good for hand towels, magazines or my favourite idea, glass or tin containers filling the holes and filled with Copic markers and other pens. Perhaps the pens would sit nicely without the jars or tins.  Must give it a try.

 This vintage scrapbook was definitely being marketed to boys.  Personally I don't think that the Mummy or Dracula would make me want to buy it.

                     I was happy to find a couple of apothecary jars.  No lids unfortunately.

 This lovely jar was just tucked in with all the metal stuff.  When I go it home I was happy to discover it was sterling.

 The only reason for bringing this clock home was for the amazing glass dome.  Funny thing is that the whole clock is plastic but the base is metal and the dome is a lovely oval glass.  I look forward to creating a lovely little assemblage inside.

                                           It was a good day for sparkly bits too.

Last but not least, I picked this up for half price for Marty's birthday.  He used to have an accordion and was thrilled to have this to play around with.  It works great too.  Well, that's a lot!  Thank you for sticking with me.  Wishing you a lovely week.


Kathy said...

GREAT scores!I think the wine rack will be perfect for the copic markers, if you have the space. The Melmac dishes are my favorite and a great score at that price.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

What is the ketchup and pickle? Great finds.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Hi Lucy! The ketchup and pickle pins are premiums from Heinz. Fun, aren't they?

anita said...

So many neat finds. Once we get this move out of the way I will wander your way and see some of them in person. Have a happy summer, what's left of it!


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