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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nature's Bounty

 I got a late start on my garden this year as I wasn't really planning to put on in.  No matter, things seem to actually be growing really well.  Marty loves his fresh tomatoes and this year I tucked in a couple heirloom varieties.

                                                   This should be lovely once it turns red.

                                           I love how the sun dapples through the leaves.

 The grocery stores are full of fresh goodness this time of year.  I picked up a basket of peaches and was happy to find some organic grapes.  I was thinking the combination would make for a lovely smoothie.

                  I tossed in some pomegranate seeds that I had frozen, for colour and extra flavour.


 I also planted a bunch of squash seeds and even though I have been getting a tonne of flowers it appears most of them are male and not fruit-bearing. So, I am very excited with the four actual squash I have found to be growing, so far.


 While enjoying my peach smoothie I came across a recipe for canning peaches in apple juice. Every year, peach season ends and I wish I have put some up for the winter.  This was a good year for peaches and there was no reason not to.  Easier said than done.  On Monday everyone had peaches for sale.  Tuesday afternoon I only found them at one store!  Everyone else had completely sold out.  Canning jars were few and far between too.  I guess there are a lot of folks who want to enjoy this year's bounty.

 So, I didn't want to wait another minute and dove in and got started- last night. It made for a late night but I got seven quarts of peaches done.  It's been a long while since doing any canning so I fell asleep happily listening to that lovely "pop!" each lid makes as the jars seal.

This morning I did these wee jars of cherry jam for my hubby.  He likes cherries very much.  We don't eat a lot of jam so I thought little jars were the way to go.
What's your favourite fruit?

1 comment:

Jenny said...

All the food looks great. I'm sure the heirloom tomatoes and squash will be delicious. The sun we've been having should ripen them both up nicely. And the peaches will be a real treat this winter.


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