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Friday, August 23, 2013

More Garden Plans

 On the weekend, Marty picked up some straw bales to start a straw bale garden next spring.  Odelia was so proud at having "herded" the trailer full of bales into place.  When gumdrop came out to see what was going on Odelia wouldn't let her near the bales.

           Finally Gummy's agile ways won out ans she declared herself "King of the castle!"

                                                              Good view from here.

 Here are the bales laid out on lumber yard tarp.  Stuff they receive is wrapped in this tarp material, so they often have excess sitting around and you can get it for free.  Gotta love that.  We have three more large tarps like this and I would love to get sixty more bales but that will have to wait.

 The little Dekay snake I see around the yard seems to like this new addition to the yard.  i should think it would uncomfortable in there.
 Yesterday it was grey and rainy out.  Good for catching bugs, if you're into that sort of thing.  This little fellow usually spends his time behind the sign during the day awaiting a night of feasting under the garage light at night.  It was funny to see him peeking out from behind.

This lovely toad is as big as my hand!  I found him enjoying the wet weather in my squash garden.  He was really not happy to be photographed and I was quite wet by the time I was able to get a clear shot of him.
Thank you for dropping by. I wish you all a lovely weekend.  The summer is all too quickly coming to a close!

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