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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Playing In The Fog & A Gathering Of Frogs

 It's been another long week (I know! It's only Tuesday!) so when Aaron said I had to come outside,  I was happy to find a pink sky and the fog rolling in from behind the barn, gently down the sloping yard.  We let the dogs out to run around in it. They didn't seem to notice anything.

 Overhead the geese are already heading south.  Signs that summer is definitely on the way out.

On our way back to the house we noticed a gathering of frogs waiting for the light to go on outside the workshop. This one is hanging out on the sign.

                              This little guy is looking around the corner for an unsuspecting bug.

                                                          This one is trying to blend in.

 This guy hides behind the sign during the heat of the day, emerging only in the evenings to feast on all that is drawn to the light.  Tonight he is a little camera shy.

This fellow has the top spot, just under the light.  It's warm and muggy out.  Good night for bug-hunting.

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