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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Odelia At Play

 Well, elder son, Jacob has safely arrived out west and is getting settled into his new apartment.  His job begins next week.  Before he left there was plenty of time to play with Odelia.  Her favourite game is tug-of-war.  Jacob and Ofelia are well-matched, energy-wise.  (That's a lot of hyphens!)

 A couple weeks ago, Joshua picked up a fun toy at Goodwill.  It is a remote controlled bug.  Odelia is checking it out.  You can see Gumdrop hanging out at the back door.  She has no interest in such things.

              Odelia was not prepared for the bug coming to life and moving about the house!

                     That bug was tricky but Odelia was faster.  There was a lot of barking!

                         Outside it moved a little slower.  Perhaps she could grab it by the leg.

Well, Odelia thinks she killed it.  It stopped moving and making noise when Joshua turned it off.  Judging by the drool all over it, Odelia had a good handle on the challenge.  And yes, that is the price still on its back.  However, toys were half price that day so it was only $2.50.  Great deal and great fun.

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