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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Long Road To The Market- Actually It's a Straight Shot Down Highway 2

 My dear hubby and I head out Saturday morning, trailer in tow to pick up a single bed from a friend and to also visit the market.  We were on the hunt for tomatoes.  However, at the lights I noticed a sign for an estate sale.  Of course I wanted to check it out. On our way we stopped to watch some exercises at Fort Wellington.  It took a few tries but I caught the puff of smoke from the rifle.  How cool is that?!
 We were on the road for tomatoes and we found some lovely organic paste tomatoes at the Brockville market.  It was hard to find someone with a lot of them but we did!

               The estate sale was pretty picked over but I did find these sweet little spoons.

 On our way to the market I noticed these chairs at the side of the road-  for free!  They were just a little soiled and cleaned up very nicely.  Free!

 The same person who had the tomatoes had these tomatillos.  She gave us a couple to try. I made a little green salsa with them and Aaron and Marty ate it up!

             She also had a wonderful assortment of peppers.  Oh the fabulous variety of heat and flavour!

                                                 We also grabbed some pears.  Perfect!

            And so it began.  This bowl of colour is headed for the "Fruit of the vine" ketchup.

                                                             It turned out wonderfully.

                                                   Then there was peach chutney.

                                                     Peach and cardamom jam.  Heavenly.

                                                 How about some cantaloupe vanilla jam?

              Aaron and I even made ketchup!  I shall never buy ketchup again.  This rocked!  Then there was some hot and sweet Thai dipping sauce, chili sauce, canned pears, and on it went.  Once you have the jars, almost anything is fair game and it is very hard to stop.  I hope to find more tomatoes this weekend and begin some tomato sauce, salsa and make some relish too.  I don't think I can stop!  Well, eventually the snow will come the fresh produce will no longer be available.

This little fellow was spotted on the front porch soaking up the warmth from the midday sun. I hope you are having a good week.

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