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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Running Errands, Finding Treasures and Bathing Dogs.

 It began as a cool day but got hot again by the end of it.  I had some errands to run so off I went, first to grab some shelving on sale for my canned items.  Two five-shelf units turned into three shorter units as our basement ceiling is a little low.  Fine with me, I'm short!

 When I am looking for something specific, I always check Goodwill first.  You just never know, you know?  Anyway, I did get what I was looking for from there along with a few fun treasures. I was taken by this large teapot.  It is almost a foot tall!  It is electric too. Unfortunately, no cord with it.

 When I turned it over I was again surprised by what it actually was- a "medicine cooker." I looked up the manufacturer and this is what it said, "Chinese herbal medicine has been popular for many centuries. Sunpentown Medicine Cooker brings you the benefits of herbal medicine, but takes the hassle out of the once time-consuming process. Simply place the ingredients, prepared by you herblist, into the cooker and add the specified amount of water, plug in the unit and your medicine will automatically be reduced to one bowl, as prescribed! Automatically switches to Keep Warm." 
Very interesting.  It is also very neat to look at, with its commanding form.

                                 These two diminutive perfume flasks caught my too.

 A lousy photo, I'm sorry but you can see that the lid of one is done in Guilloche.  Lovely.

 This is a very large hand painted Christmas light bulb.  I've never seen one this big, almost 4 inches!

The real find was this.  A Sevres France nude figure taken from Etling's original.  The etched mark on the bottom indicates it is from the early twentieth century according to what little I could find on-line.  It is perfect. A lovely Art Deco item.
  Well, back to work for me. We are expecting a very special guest on Saturday.

So special, the dogs even got a bath!  Gumdrop shrinks down to something unrecognizable when she gets wet.  She actually enjoys baths and after an all-over body rub she is all relaxed and ready for a nap.
Odelia does not like baths but endures them.  Then body slams all over the house trying to "get the wet off."  Then she curls up in a "tiny" ball on her fuzzy blanket and takes a serious nap, hoping to forget the whole thing.
We are expecting a student from  Spain to stay with us for a month.  We've already met on-line and we all look forward to her arrival.

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