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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Help In The Kitchen

           Saturday found us once again at the market.  We had a list in hand and a plan.  Above is basket number one of our take home goodies.  Look at that huge heirloom tomato!

                                     A bushel of tomatoes are waiting to be turned into sauce.

                                           The tomato all sliced up and ready to be enjoyed.

 This bowl of veggies is about to become relish.  The lemon cucumbers are just like the regular green ones and the purple peppers are just like the green ones.

 I got my first taste of ground cherries and the best way to describe them is a mix of pineapple and tomato.  Lovely!

                     In the midst of our canning we head out to pick up a young guest from Spain.

            Laura is with us for a month to practice her English and attend school.  She is a delight!

                    Holiday Monday was tomato day!  Time to make sauce.  I had lots of help too.

                                  Aaron handled the heavy steamy pots of cooked tomatoes.

                                                  Laura put the tomatoes through the mill.


             Even the dogs got into the groove and helped catch a drip or two on the cabinet door.  In the end, we got eight quarts of tomato sauce. Not bad for our first try.

             Outside my own tomatoes are heavy on the vine.  Looking forward to them ripening.

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Nichola said...

Monday was tomato day for us too! SO far we've put up almost 50 jars of the stuff and there's still more in the garden!


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