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Friday, September 27, 2013

Chicken Update

 The wee fuzzy chicks are maturing surely enough and trying out their wings and balance at every opportunity.  This is their indoor "coop" for now. Then into the garage.

 anything they can balance on, they do.  This little fella is always as interested in Odelia and as Odelia is interested in them.

                                                                Walking the perimeter.

 the other day was lovely so we took all the chick outside for some fresh air.  We left Odelia inside but gumdrop came along. Until now she has shown absolutely no interested whatsoever in the birds.
She immediately hopped into the makeshift enclosure to check things out. She herd them all into a corner- well all but one were already there, but she did a little herding nonetheless.

 Then we opened up a corner and they all filed out, more like sheep than chickens.

                       Gumdrop settled in at the other end to keep watch. Finally a real job for her!

                              I'm pretty sure this is the same bird that always perches inside.

                Things got very heated when Aaron dropped in a leaf!  Then everyone gave chase.
                                                      Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

1 comment:

Mya.L said...

Is Gumdrop the equivalent of a Border Colley? In that case, she definitely needs a job like that! Happy Sunday too!!!


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