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Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Day At Heritage Harvest Farm

 Sunday was a lovely day for a farm open house.  We visited Heritage Harvest Farm in Jasper, Ontario. HHF is Ontario's first and only year round full diet CSA farm (Consumer Supported Agriculture.) They provide pastured, pork, chicken, and turkey, grass fed beef,  free range eggs, artisan bread, maple syrup, and organic produce.  She even has a line of personal care products!
I wish I had taken more pictures but I was just enjoying the afternoon.

                  This hen has created comfy little nest in the dirt under a shady tree.

                                          Some Jerseys' hanging out together in the field.

                          Even the dog had a safe spot to be with her new puppies.

 You can recognise a Scott Dobson fence when you see one.  You will also find workshops on a variety of subjects available at Heritage Harvest Farm, from artisan bread making to cheese making to the finer points of successful pruning and so much more.

                                    The chickens offer hours of fun observation.

                                              Lots of young a round!

It was a lovely visit with lots to look at. There was even a lovely spread of snack-sized food: meatballs with garlic aioli and homemade BBQ sauce, potato-leek soup, mini quiches, deviled eggs, cheese puffs, cream puffs, and iced tea and ice cream all created by Magnolia Creations & Event Catering.  Angie and her family have put a great deal of hard work and effort into their farm and business.  It really shows!

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