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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Just Another Busy Weekend

 I got to help out at the market last Saturday. The weather was perfect and there were lots of people. the morning passed quickly.
I brought home some mini heads of lettuce, red oak leaf, red romaine, and my new favourite, frisee lettuce. It looks like a little bundle of coral. Crisp and tasty.

                                  Fresh snow peas add colour and crunch to everything.

                                                           Sunflower sprouts.


                                              Aaron getting creative with a plate of sushi.

                                     My astilbe looking lovely against the Milkhouse wall.

 One yard sale, one good find: two large bins of canning jars and seals. Perfect timing.

                                        Two weeks ago I did some strawberry canning.

                                                       This weekend, it was peaches!

                          Things are fine in the nursery. Lots of clucking and scratching.

A third little chick has joined the group. Looks like that will be it. Not bad for our first "broodie" hen.

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