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Monday, September 7, 2015

A Real Food Weekend

 It may have been Labour Day weekend and it may have been great to see son number three too, but we were all at various stages of the same virus that had swept through last week.  No one was feeling very perky.  However, garden produce waits for no man, or woman.  Saturday morning, Marty helped process a big box of plum tomatoes from a friend.

 The vintage Vita-Mix I have made quick work of them, turning everything into one fabulous sauce.

                                   After it cooked down for a while it was time to can it up.

We got 7 quarts. Not bad.  Some of my own late-blooming tomatoes are sitting on the jars.

 I had the foresight to take a chicken out of the freezer for dinner on Sunday. It was fun heading into the back yard for the potatoes. I love those blue ones. Little gems. Purple mashed potatoes anyone?

 Today, while I made a batch of spaghetti sauce, Marty finally got to make himself some Einkorn pasta.

 We hung it on the old drying rack at the back door. The dogs were mesmerized by the floating food way above their heads.

The pasta turned out well and tasted great. The Mizithra ( a dry, salty sheep cheese) was the perfect counterpoint to the tomato sauce and nutty-flavoured Einkron noodles.

Today everyone is better than they were, and on the mend thankfully. And I have leftovers. Bonus!!

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