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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

L'Anse Aux Meadows On The Viking Trail, Canada Day, Norstead, and a Viking Dinner

 Friday was Canada Day and the weather had cleared somewhat but was still misty and cool. We head off to L'Anse Aux Meadows and the official Viking Settlement.

 You cannot see anything from the road, but as you get closer you come upon the sculpture off in the distance.

                             Everywhere you look are rocks, and they are always different.

 As it was Canada Day, there was no entry fee and free cake. What a nice surprise.

 The interpretation centre had a 17 minute film to introduce you to how the settlement was found as well as some history in the Vikings and their travels.

 There is a nice boardwalk down to the settlement and you walk under this big copper sculpture.

 If you take the time, you can see all sorts of symbolism regarding the Vikings and the area on the pieces.

                                                   It was raining on and off.

                                                  Coming upon the village recreated.

 The sod houses are thick-walled and solid. There are vents in the roof for letting out the excess heat and fumes from the fires inside.

                                                                   An interpreter.

                                             Wooden storage and tools.

 There is evidence that there were women on the site. No such thing as a Viking woman, they are referred to as Norse Women. A Norseman is only a Viking when he sets out to sea.

 Behind the sod buildings is an unmarked path that shows you the original archaeological dig.

                                   The lumps are where the digging took place.

 Next we head down the road a bit for another Viking settlement. Sort of a tourist spin-off from the official government site. Norstead.

                              This sheep kindly stood for her picture.

                                  Snorri, the Viking ship. In the dark part of the building.

                                                   It is in a very picturesque spot.

                                                        A woman weaving.

 After lunch at the Norseman restaurant again, we head back to the motel for a break and then head out for our Viking Feast in St Anthony's.
"Our" ice berg was still hanging out there when we arrived.

                             The entry to to our feast in a sod covered building.

                                  A place to hang your cloak.

                  Our host for the night. He is wearing a whale tooth around his neck.

It was a buffet consisting of "jigs dinner," moose stew, Brewis, and baked cod. The food was delicious and the evening a memorable one.
It was a fine end to another day full of adventure and discovery.

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